Thunarwülf Assemble!

Rising from the old kingdom of Hen Ogledd, ThunarWülf (olde English for Thunder Wolf) formed in 2022, with their first self titled EP being released at the end of the year.

Forged from members of local folk heroes Treebeard and The Kraken fused with a plethora of established metal musicians, ThunarWülf bring forward an energetic and aggressive mix of huge riffs, traditional folk melodies from the British Isles and beyond, sprinkled with catchy hooks. Described as “Ensiferum meets Warlock” and “The right mix of folk, 80’s metal and huge riffs”.

ThunarWülf sing songs of ancient myths and legends, many of which have remained untold since ages past. Fill your steins, raise your horns, and don your woad, for tonight, WE RIDE!

The Band

Will Price (vox)

Bringing a furious combination of angry yet melodic vocals to ThunarWulf. 

Nowadays found roaming the forests, mead in hand, questing for tales of old lore, lost mythology and forgotten realms.

Giblet (guitar)

Emerging from a thick blend of Scandinavian Black Metal, Folk Metal, Pale Ale and lively riffs, Gibby entered the realm of ThunarWulf during it’s initial formation.

Not to be mistaken for his beardless brother, Stuart Gibson of Aonia.

Juno Watt (Keytar)

Legend and co-founder of Sheffield’s electronic folk session at Sheffield Sessions Festival and regular synth / folk mashup extrordinaire. Juno Watt also often appears in the likes of Treebeard, Krapwerk as well as solo appearances including at Sheffield’s iconic Synthfest. Multi-talented instrumentalist and composer.

Rich Marsden (guitar)

When not writing powerfully mesmerising guitar solo’s for ThunarWulf, Rich can be found playing guitar for Sheffield’s premiere Rage Against the Machines Tribute band “Reyt Against t’machine”.

Coll (Whistlebastard)

Founder member of former folk metal band Andraste, and currently in Ceilidh band The Kraken, Coll has been playing whistle since the age of 12.
They can usually found somewhere between foraging the remaining wildlands of Britain and contributing hauntingly melodic whistle melodies to folk sessions.

Jesse Armstrong (Bassman)

Persistently laying down growly bass riffs from an early age, Jesse’s worked alongside the likes of Elliot Vernon (Alestorm) & Nick Wragg (Ferocious Dog) through his other band, Eoten.

Nick Robinson (drums)

Founder of ThunarWulf. Hitter of drums. Drinker of JD.

Long term skin beater, Nick has provided the drums for many a Sheffield band. Also appearing in Treebeard and Reyt Against t’Machine.